Lindsey & Alan

you are the peanut butter to my jelly

our love story

Lindsey and her friend Jenna were having a girls' night out. Alan and Kevin had just watched the Sharks beat the Calgary Flames and wanted to celebrate, and their friend Robyn's band SexyBack was playing that night at the bar.

Alan and Kevin arrived, and Kevin recognized Lindsey as his client at the bank he worked at, and they chatted for a bit. Lindsey asked who he was there with, and he points to Alan. Later, a song came on that Lindsey wanted to dance to, and she pointed at Alan to join her. Alan is not a dancer ("gangstas don't dance, we boogie"), and he played it off, but the ever-persistent Lindsey came up and bluntly told him to "dance with me!" Alan replied, "I don't dance..." but Lindsey retorted, "You do tonight!" and dragged him onto the dance floor. The rest is the proverbial "history."

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